At Giant Sparrows, we really do love our job printing phone cases. It’s amazing to see a case that you designed with your own personal photographs spring into life in just a few minutes: and they look so incredible! The whole process can seem a bit like magic; but today we’re going to draw back the curtain of mystery, and show you our casemaking process.

Every morning, we check for new orders that have come in via our website, and download your photos if you’ve selected one of our personalised phone case designs.The image files are altered and prepared in Photoshop, and then printed out on a plasticized film, in sheets of nine. We use special Stochiometric inks that transfer onto plastic at high temperatures through a process called sublimation



Once the images are printed out, it’s time to warm up the oven! Our huge vacuum oven heats our trays of phone case moulds to 130°C. Once they’re heated, we clip blank white cases onto the moulds, and then lay the sheets of plastic face down over the top. The lid of the tray clips over the top, holding the sheet in place. 



Next is the fun part! Using heat gloves, you shove the whole tray into the Vacuum Oven, and clamp it into place. The Vacuum Oven does it’s job and makes a huge amount of noise! The vacuum pulls the plastic film tightly around the phone cases, at the same time heating it so that the inks sublime (instantly evaporate) and bond with the surface of the phone case.


After just a few minutes, the process finishes, and the lid of the machine pops up. Whip it out of the oven quickly, and peel back the plastic film, and there you have it: nine perfect, beautifully colourful phone cases!

Pop the cases off their moulds (careful; they’re still hot!) and they’re ready to clip onto your smartphone.