Meet Clare Galloway


Meet Clare Galloway

Scottish artist Clare Galloway is a Painter whose colourful, distinctive work encompasses both surreal landscapes and her own spirituality. She views her artwork as “channeling the divine by simply being” and loves “that everyone will read their own story in a painting… this gives me my purpose”. Clare has been with Giant Sparrows since our company began, and throughout that time we’ve produced a wide variety of phone cases from her paintings. Here she is in her own words, talking about her work and the things that inspire her to create



Clare Galloway, ‘Winter in the Glen’, for iPhone 4


 I grew up in a clachan on an island in Scotland: living close to the elements, and a wild natural landscape. This formed a deep relationship with nature in me, and an inherent understanding of deep-ecology, which formed the base of my ongoing studies as an adult.

  I loved school and learning at the beginning, but recognised early on that I would never follow the crowd. This later developed into a realisation that, if I wanted to be thinking my own thoughts, the only logical choice was… be an artist. 

Clare Galloway, 'Mountain Path' for iPhone 5


Clare Galloway ‘Mountain Path’ for iPhone 5/5S


I attended the two most prestigious art schools in Scotland, then studied extensively in multifarious countries, communities, and fascinating work situations. My art practise always ran alongside other work, like community transformation, sustainable environmental design and multifarious volunteer and leadership positions.


Clare Galloway, ‘Monte Taburno II’ for iPhone 4


In 2011 I arrived in the abandoned medieval quarter of a southern Italian hill town: seeing great potential in the place, and feeling the instinct to finally put down some roots, I bought a house for under £10K and went about restoring it with own bare hands and few resources. The Arthouse has grown into a vibrant hub of creative outpourings, and my story has drawn international attention. The town’s renaissance is currently well underway, as I go about balancing a lifestyle which allows the best of both Italy and Scotland -and which permits me to eventually write a book or two. 

Clare Galloway, ‘The Holy Fell II’, Oil on Board


Thanks, Clare! You can find all of Clare Galloway’s phone cases for iPhone or Samsung designs right here on our website. 

You can follow Clare and find more about her work at: 

Her website

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Twitter: @claregalloway


I love that everyone will read their own story in a painting.