Giant Sparrows welcomes Martina Pavlová

Giant Sparrows are delighted to welcome Martina into the flock with her stunning Illustrated designs.  Let’s find out a little more about Martina…….

Martina is a professional freelance illustrator and concept artist from Czech Republic. She specialises in modern, feminine illustrations, working in all areas including advertising, packaging, editorial and design. She has illustrated more than 30 books and her clients include many renowned book publishers, magazines and big brands from all over the world, like L’Oréal, Mary Kay, Avon, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, Shape and InStyle, and many more. Martina uses a variety of media, both traditional and digital, blending vector work with old fashioned hand drawing and watercolours.





Martina likes:
traveling anytime anywhere, sunny mornings, colorful clothes, sugar-free desserts, tea-time, bookstores, sleeping, well equiped gyms, U2, singing loud outside shower, palm trees, fresh flowers
Martina hates:
waking up before 9 a.m., jeans, bad hair days, cold and rainy weather, music without rythm, horrors, politics
What she does when she isn’t drawing:
travels, bakes non-sugar sweets, exercises, explores new restaurants, walks around town, sleeps
Her biggest obsessions:
nail polishes, ballerina flats, pretty books, stripes, green tea, goat cheese 
You can find all of Martina’s designs for sale on our website here:

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